Friday 26th July, 2013 By Gautam Srivastava

RWE npower is one of the leading integrated UK energy companies. They supply gas, electricity and related services to residential and business customers and operate and manage a flexible portfolio of coal, gas and oil-fired power stations.


The npower business was created in October 1999 and launched in April 2000. It combines the former electricity and gas supply businesses of MEB, Calortex, MEB Powerline, National Power Energy Direct and Independent Energy, Yorkshire Electricity and Northern Electric and Gas.

Innogy was formed in 2001 when National Power demerged into International Power and Innogy. RWE acquired Innogy and the retail brand npower in May 2002. RWE Innogy was officially renamed RWE npower on 2 August 2004.National Wind Power and Innogy Hydro also came together under the name npower renewables.

Environmental responsibility

npower produces renewable energy and energy sources:

  • Wind power - constructed 49MW wind farm in Scotland, bids for 2 new sites
  • Hydro - two hydro sites in Scotland
  • Biomass - trials underway to test wood co-firing at coal-fired stations
  • Environmental management system - plans ways to minmise environmental risks
  • Offers npower Juice - a green electricity tariff generated by wind at no premium for customers. npower makes an annual contribution of £10 for every customer that stays with Juice
  • Offers npower Solar - helps customers set up and use solar power.

In the community

npower are a member of the 'Percent Club', which means they invest more than 1% of pre-tax profits in the community.

They have set up a Warm Response Line which is designed to assist vulnerable customers, particularly those who are struggling to pay their energy bills. They assist and provide customers with appropriate advice. Solutions include:

  • Examination of the energy bills and payment history
  • Energy advice and access to insulation measures
  • Access to Warm Response Service - a priority service that provides additional help
  • A benefits 'health check'
  • Referral to appropriate debt advice agencies
  • Payment and tariff advice

npower also operate an initiative called 'Spreading Warmth'. The Spreading Warmth team offers energy saving advice, help on understanding your energy bill, can arrange your bill to be sent in larger print and can even include you in customer password scheme if you would like someone to visit your home.