E.ON Energy

Thursday 4th July, 2013 By Martin Fagan
E.ON Energy

EON Energy, formerly known as Powergen, is one of the UK’s leading integrated power and gas companies.

E.ON services

E.ON generates electricity and retails power and gas to domestic, business and industrial customers. It says its strategic aim is to deliver cleaner and better energy by offering innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet its customers' needs and help people across the UK become more energy efficient.

Following energy regulator Ofgem pressing for all the major energy suppliers to radically reduce the number of tariffs available, E.ON now markets only a few tariffs.

The details of these tariffs change regularly, but they will usually include a standard tariff as well as a fixed, variable, online tariff. There will also be a green/sustainable energy tariff.

History of E.ON

E.ON was created from the privatisation of the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) and has since grown from an electricity generator into a leading producer, distributor and retailer of electricity and gas in the UK.

  • 1989 December - Powergen signs first deal in the liberalised Industrial & Commercial electricity market
  • 1990 March - Powergen launched as a public limited company owned by the government
  • 1991 March - 60% of Powergen shares sold to public
  • 2000 December - Powergen completes acquisition of LG&E Energy Corp.
  • 2003 October - Powergen agrees terms for £1.146billion acquisition of Midlands Electricity
  • 2004 July - Powergen rebranded as E.ON
  • 2005 May - Purchase of Enfield combined cycle gas turbine power station
  • 2008 March - Opened one of the UK's largest dedicated biomass plants at Steven Croft near Lockerbie

Environmental responsibility

E.ON says it's acutely aware of its responsibility towards the environment and takes this seriously, as well as encouraging its employees to do the same.

This promotes low carbon technologies and reduces carbon dioxide on behalf of the consumer. The emission reductions are made through a range of projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As well as reducing its carbon emissions and harnessing renewable energy, E.ON also says it's committed to reducing its impact on the environment. This means minimising all its impacts, reducing waste and the resource it uses and minimising the company's impact on biodiversity.

Community work

E.ON sponsors a number of initiatives to install energy efficient measures in communities and educate householders about changing their energy habits to cut down on usage and save money on bills.

E.ON says it focuses on what it really knows about - energy - and supports communities in three main ways:

  • Working closely with schools, it helps children and young people learn more about energy and how to save it
  • By teaming up with charities like Age UK and local voluntary groups, E.ON says it helps vulnerable customers by making their homes more energy efficient and by giving them energy saving tips and advice
  • E.ON helps communities who live close to its sites by funding and supporting their community projects

E.ON also provides communities with access to a free benefit entitlement check to ensure households are claiming all the benefits to which they're entitled.