British Gas

Thursday 25th July, 2013 By Martin Fagan
British Gas

British Gas is a UK company that is part of the Centrica group. As the UK’s biggest energy supplier, it provides gas, electricity and home repair services to millions of customers across England, Scotland and Wales.

British Gas services

British Gas is the biggest energy provider in the UK, supplying energy to over 12 million households across the regions and employs over 30,000 staff.

As well as supplying gas and electricity, it also installs, maintains and repairs central heating systems, installs solar panels as well as offering boiler insurance cover, smart meters and

In November 2011, British Gas announced it would drastically reduce the number of tariffs it offered its domestic customers.

This British Gas was the first of the 'big six' energy suppliers - EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE - to do so.

The details of these tariffs change regularly, but they will usually include a standard tariff as well as a fixed, variable, online tariff. There will also be a green/sustainable energy tariff.

History of British Gas

The British Gas Corporation started out as the Gas Light and Coke Company, the first public utility company in the world, formed in 1812.

It became British gas in 1973, when the UK's 12 regional Gas Boards each responsible for a particular geographical area were merged to create the British Gas Corporation.

In December 1986, British Gas was privatised and shares offered for sale to the general public, promoted by the famous "Tell Sid" advertising campaign.

Environmental responsibility and community work

British Gas offers a green electricity tariff for the environmentally conscious. With every unit of electricity used by a customer, British Gas will put the same amount of electricity back into the grid, but from renewable sources like wind farms.

As well as addressing environmental concerns, the company also actively participates in the various schemes initiated by the government to help disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community insulate their homes and reduce their energy bills.